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When legal issues arise, getting trusted guidance is critical. Whether the issue is a real estate transaction or some other matter, it’s important to understand your legal options and take effective action in your best interests.

At Karcher Law Firm, our attorneys have the knowledge, insight and creativity to help you find resolutions that are right for you and your family.

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Our seasoned attorneys possess significant business and investigative experience, in addition to their legal expertise. This enables us to be effective problem-solvers on a range of issues, including:

β€’ Civil Litigation
β€’ Securities Arbitration
β€’ Residential Real Estate
β€’ Estate Planning And Probate

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in New Jersey and New York and strive to uphold their strong reputation for offering high-quality legal guidance to every client they represent.

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  1. We Offer A Free Initial Consultation
  2. More Than 40 Years Of Legal Experience
  3. Licensed To Practice In New Jersey And New York
  4. Impeccable Credentials
  5. Service Oriented – Clients Are Number 1
  6. We Can Handle Complicated Legal Issues
  7. We Are Responsive And Return Phone Calls
  8. Former Realtor On Staff
  9. A Qualified Mediator On Staff
  10. Former Assistant District Attorney On Staff
  11. We Simply Explain the Law And Your Case To You