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The criminal justice system’s penalties can be harsh, but the most severe and long-lasting effects of a criminal conviction often have nothing to do with “official” consequences such as jail time or fines or probation terms. The bigger problem for most people is the negative impact that a criminal record can have with respect to employment, education or housing opportunities.

At Karcher Law Firm, we believe in second chances, and we work hard to expunge old criminal records whenever possible. If you’re tired of being penalized by past mistakes, why not talk to an experienced lawyer about the possibility of securing an expungement?

The initial consultation is free so there’s nothing to lose by exploring this option. Give us a call at 732-852-7018 to learn more. From our office in Red Bank, we serve clients in Monmouth County and surrounding areas..

When Can You Expunge A Criminal Record?

Although New Jersey’s expungement laws are fairly generous compared with many other states, convictions for certain types of crimes (homicide, robbery and sex offenses, for example) cannot be expunged at all. Motor vehicle-related convictions, including DWI cases, are also not eligible for expungement.

If you were arrested, charged with or convicted of an offense that can be expunged, then the question becomes “how soon?”

The answer? It’s complicated. If it was simply an arrest and the charges were later dismissed, you may be able to seek an expungement immediately. If it was an arrest, but you avoided a criminal conviction through participation in a diversion program, the wait might be six months. In other cases, the required waiting period may be two or five years. That said, there are a number of complex rules and requirements involved that make trying to navigate the expungement process without an attorney inadvisable.

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