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Pushing Back Against DWI Charges

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People arrested and charged with drunk driving, especially first-time offenders, will often just plead guilty to a DWI charge without speaking to a defense attorney. Some people do this because they think the prosecutor will go easier on them if they don’t put up a fight. Others may be too scared or depressed to think clearly. Mostly though, these people simply believe that a failed field sobriety test, a failed Alcotest or an admission to “having a few” means they have no defense.

Don’t make this mistake.

At Karcher Law Firm, we provide effective DWI defense representation to clients facing charges in municipal courts throughout Monmouth County and surrounding areas of New Jersey. Call 732-852-7018 for a free phone consultation.

Understanding The Issues And Exploring Your Defense Options

Although driving while intoxicated (DWI) is not technically a crime in New Jersey, the penalties and fines that can stem from being convicted of this “motor vehicle violation” certainly make it seem like one.

Whether or not this is your first DWI arrest, our attorneys understand what’s at stake and will fight to keep this charge from negatively affecting your life for years. Specific questions we ask when evaluating defenses to a DWI/DUI charge include:

  • Did the officer have a legitimate reason to pull you over?
  • Were field sobriety tests administered properly?
  • Were correct testing procedures followed with the Alcotest?
  • Was the Alcotest machine in good working order?
  • When was the Alcotest machine’s last software update?
  • If you refused to take the test, did the officer inform you of the consequences?

We excel at clearly explaining the legal issues, the potential penalties and the legal process involved in DWI cases. We are committed to helping each of our clients understand the different defense options that are available so that they can make rational and informed decisions with confidence. We also take pride in providing all of our clients with accessible lawyers and responsive service throughout the process.

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