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Protecting Your Interests With A Prenup

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Entering into a prenuptial agreement before saying your vows doesn’t mean that either of you isn’t seriously committed to making the marriage work. What it is, in fact, is a practical legal tool that can save you both a tremendous amount of trouble and expense if and only if the day ever comes when parting ways makes sense.

At Karcher Law Firm, we can ensure that your interests are protected when creating a prenuptial agreement and that the contract will be enforceable under New Jersey law in the event of a divorce. We also understand that prenuptial discussions between couples can be very sensitive so we always make certain to handle them with the utmost care.

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Protecting Your Interests, Preventing Disputes

Unlike some states, New Jersey does not require either of the parties to a premarital agreement to be represented by an attorney for the agreement to be enforceable. By hiring an attorney, however, you can make sure that your interests are protected and that appropriate precautions, which can affect the enforceability of these contracts, are taken.

Generally speaking, the two major areas of concern here are the timing of the agreement and full disclosure. With respect to timing, the sooner the better — i.e., if you negotiate and sign a prenuptial a week before your wedding, a court might refuse to enforce it for reasons of coercion or duress. Full disclosure, on the other hand, means just what it says — both of you have to make your financial information, assets and debts known to the other.

Our experience representing clients in the divorce process has given us valuable insights into the types of issues and conflicts that can lead to a long, messy and expensive divorce. We use these insights to help our clients consider relevant issues such as spousal support and property division and carefully address them in these agreements.

Ultimately, this has the effect of establishing the terms of a divorce before there’s any sign of trouble, leaving little to fight about.

Taking Action

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