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Handling Domestic Violence Issues

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The term “domestic violence” refers to more than just acts of physical violence between spouses. Legally, it can also involve threats of violence, stalking, verbal abuse, intentional child endangerment and other types of behavior. It can occur in almost any context as well — in roommate situations or households that include extended family members, and between past or present dating partners or children and parents.

In every instance, it’s serious and has the potential for tragic consequences.

At Karcher Law Firm, we understand that it can be terrifyingly difficult for victims of domestic violence to acknowledge abuse or do anything that might make a bad situation even worse. Unfortunately, we also know that doing nothing only guarantees it will get worse.

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Does Your Case Involve A Temporary Restraining Order?

We are supportive, compassionate and can take immediate actions to provide for your safety. This is true even if there’s no physical evidence to support your claim, and it’s just your word against the accused.

In most cases, the first step is to obtain a temporary restraining order. This can be done immediately and does not require the accused to be notified or present in court. If granted, the accused will be notified by the court, and a hearing to determine whether the order should become permanent will usually be set within 10 days.

New Jersey’s Prevention of Domestic Violence Act provides for “permanent restraining orders” that really are permanent. In most states, restraining orders like these must be renewed every two years to stay in effect. Here, only the victim or a court can seek to have it lifted.

Have You Been Falsely Accused?

False accusations of domestic violence or child abuse may be reprehensible, but they are also an easy way for accusers to gain a significant advantage in a divorce or child custody dispute.

If this has happened to you — and because allegations like this can be supported by testimony alone (i.e., without physical evidence) — it’s absolutely critical that you speak to a family law attorney who has experience with this type of situation as soon as possible.

Free Phone Consultation Available

Karcher Law Firm has the experience you need and can take immediate action to protect your rights and aggressively counter such charges. We can help, but don’t delay. Call or contact our firm today for a free phone consultation with an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer. Call our Red Bank office at 732-852-7018.

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