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The No. 1 concern in every child support matter is making sure the child’s needs are met. New Jersey law sets down guidelines based upon the child’s interests and the income of each spouse. However, how the guidelines are applied depend upon a number of factors. It is therefore important to have on your side a family law lawyer who will protect your interests along with the interests of the child.

The attorneys at Karcher Law Firm understand the guidelines, and know what the local courts look for when applying them. We will sit down with you and discuss your circumstances. We will provide you a straightforward assessment of your matter and work toward obtaining a child support order that is fair.

Call 732-852-7018 for a no-cost consultation about your circumstances. From our office in Red Bank, we help clients in Monmouth County and throughout the surrounding areas in New Jersey.

What Factors Affect Child Support In Your Situation?

When working with you, we will take into account your needs and goals. Whether in negotiation or in family court, we will argue that the law should fit the unique situation for you and your children. Just some of the factors we will examine include:

  • The income of both parents
  • Educational and medical expenses of the child
  • Health insurance considerations
  • Any alimony that is paid or received
  • The special needs of the child

We do what we can to create financial stability for both households. In our experience, it is always best for the child if their financial needs continue to be consistently met in the same manner as when the child was living with both parents under one household.

Modification Of Existing Child Support Orders

As children grow, their needs may change. It is therefore important to always have in place a child support order that meets the child’s existing needs. This can mean one of the parties pays a higher or lower amount of child support. We will help you apply for modifications of child support orders to meet current circumstances and to protect your rights as a parent.

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