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Addressing Your Alimony Concerns

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The attorneys at Karcher Law Firm understand the importance that alimony can have regarding the lives of both spouses following the end of a marriage. In New Jersey, the appropriate level of alimony is dependent upon the individual circumstances of each case.

Experienced attorneys in helping family law clients adjust following divorce, we understand the approach to take in resolving issues concerning alimony. Besides understanding the law, we also take a close look at the financial needs for both you and your family when it comes to spousal support payments.

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What Is The Purpose Of Alimony?

  • The awarding of alimony is meant to alleviate any unfairness when divorce occurs to prevent either spouse being placed in a precarious financial circumstance.
  • There are many instances when one spouse abandoned a professional career to stay home and take care of the couple’s children.
  • In some instances, one spouse may help the other go to college or help them start their own business.
  • A spouse may have specific medical or financial needs that will need to be met once the marriage is over.
  • These and many other considerations go into calculating the correct amount of alimony.

Ordering the right amount of alimony is necessary in ensuring the needs of both spouses are met following divorce. This can be particularly difficult because divorce results in the creation of two households rather than one. Since there are so many considerations when ruling upon alimony, judges in New Jersey are given a wide amount of discretion in ordering the correct amount.

Our family law lawyers regularly deal with alimony issues in the Monmouth County-area courts representing both husbands and wives. Depending upon the financial circumstances of the two parties, we can argue either for or against the need for paying more alimony.

Factors Used In Determining Alimony

Courts will look at the following factors in determining the correct amount of alimony:

  • Health and age of the spouses
  • The duration of the marriage
  • Income and expenses of both spouses
  • Assets belonging to each spouse
  • Debts of each spouse
  • Physical, mental and financial needs of both spouses
  • Employability of each spouse and the ability to earn future income
  • Other needs of both spouses

When making determinations based upon each of these factors, our lawyers will fight to protect your rights and best interests.

Modifications Of Existing Alimony Orders

Circumstances often change over time and so does the need for alimony. We can work toward modifying existing alimony orders when such orders no longer meet the current situation.

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