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Did you hire a home improvement contractor that failed to deliver on the promises it made with respect to the quality of the work or the materials used?

Do you believe that a home improvement contractor misled you about the cost of a project or the financing terms?

Were you pressured into accepting change orders for more expensive materials after being told that the materials originally promised couldn't be provided without significantly delaying completion of the work?

New Jersey's Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) provides homeowners with important rights and remedies for these types of situations and others. Karcher Law Firm in Red Bank, New Jersey, provides homeowners with the experienced legal representation it takes to hold contractors accountable under this law and to obtain the compensation they deserve.

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Contractor Consumer Fraud Under New Jersey's CFA

It's very easy for home improvement contractors to commit fraud toward consumers by failing to meet the obligations imposed by the CFA. The first requirement is that the contract must be in writing. It must also include a starting date and an end date for the work, the total price the homeowner will pay (including financing charges) and a number of other important details.

Other examples of ways in which contractors can violate this law include:

  • Making misrepresentations or misleading statements about the products or materials to be used in the work
  • Substituting materials without the homeowner's consent
  • Representing the work of a competitor's work as the contractor's own, or claiming that his or her products, workmanship and materials are equal or superior to those of competitors
  • Failing to begin the project in a timely manner or starting work before applicable permits are obtained or code regulations are met
  • Failing to provide written copies of any applicable warranties

Under New Jersey's CFA, successful plaintiffs can be awarded triple the amount of actual damages. The losing defendant may also have to pay the plaintiff's legal fees (not always).

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